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Едноетажни къщи над 100м2

Villa Paradise is an elegant house with a specially designed appearance and functionally arranged rooms. This is actually a two-storied house with a partial attic space, basement and a garage, and is suitable for 3-6 people. The ground floor is divided in to a living room with a dining room and three bedrooms. On the left of the house (taken from the entrance) is the large living room that includes a kitchen (can be closed or open, depending on the needs), a dining room with a sunny bay-window and a hall with a fire place, opened towards the porch and the garden. There is a fire place on the porch. Next to the kitchen there is a large store room. The private zone part of the house consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The laundry room has an exit to the garden, so that it can be used as storage for garden instruments. The garage has a walkway to the hallway. There is a place for a large built-in wardrobe. The attic room is suitable for additional room, studio or simply for another storeroom. Villa Paradise will give you the comfort wherever you are – in a busy urban surrounding or in a pretty, colorful village.


Villa Paradise has GFA – 175 m2

House Kali is part of our campaign “Become architect of your happiness”. As addition to the project we offer an arrangement of the constructed house and only the contour of the building, so that you can decide for yourself about it. We are there for you if you have any questions. With this relatively big square surface you can leave the work to your imagination and achieve great results. Thus you can create a wonderful home, quest house, social house or whatever else you need.

House Siyana style is a spacious home suitable for one or two families. Its irregular shape lets its future habitants to achieve maximum comfort choosing the number of the chambers. Each room can have optional shape. You can also choose to have more rooms with standard form.

If you decide the arrangement carefully and thoughtfully this house can absolutely justify its name. It is part of our campaign “Become architect of your happiness” where we aim to include you actively in creating your dream home. You can count on us any time.

 Large-scale and cozy at the same time – these are the words that describe the project of this prefabricated house. We gave our best to use the maximum of the square surface of the house and the result is: a living room, a kitchen, a dining room in the common area, three bedrooms and the same amount of bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms have bathrooms adjusted to them. Our other aim in this project is to create something more imaginative and we surely made it. As you can see, the design is quite interesting and original and one of the main accents is the maximum comfort and short connections in the limited space. And to make the picture full, we added a porch in front of the living house, covered with pergola.

The maximum usage of the whole square surface of Eko living 102 will fit your whole family plus your friends and everybody will have at their disposal the desired peace in their own room. You can also relax and have fun in the spacious and bright living room or at the L-sectioned porch.

This is one of the most interesting and impressing projects for a one-storey prefabricated family house that we’ve created so far. As you can see from the architectural plan, the L-sectioned form of the house is designed as to provide roof over the whole porch. This way you can enjoy relax and fun on fresh air when the weather is suitable. The prefabricated house Eko Living 103 includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a dining room in the common area.

The prefabricated house Eko Living 125 has one floor, but it includes four bedrooms, each of them having a bathroom adjusted. To emphasize on the architecture, we added pergolas in front of the living room and the entrances. If you plan to build a quest house sometime in the future, this is a great option. We apologize for the computer pictures, but if you have any questions, click on the make a inquiry button Направете запитване.

Suitable for a big family of as a quest house, this house has three bedrooms, large living room and two bathrooms. The bedrooms are totally separated with own door and passage which gives additional comfort. You can reach the porch from the bright living room. In addition we have garage that is connected both with the house and the service room or storage.

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